Our door is back!

By Ilana DeBare

If you were reading this blog last fall, you may remember the photos we posted of the beautiful bird mural painted on our office door by the artist STEFEN.

Last spring, we moved to a new smaller office down the hall as a step to cut costs. The move went fine… but we left our beautiful door behind.

Many of you asked us, “Can’t the landlord move the door to your new office?”

And now he has!

Thank you to Walter Wright, our great landlord. We still need to move the images of the birds that trailed down the hall to our old door. The aim is to have that done in time for our Holiday Open House on Friday December 13th.

GGBA staffer Noreen Weeden and our new-old door

We’ll be honoring the photographers who contributed their work to our 2014 Birds of the SF Bay Area calendar. We’ll have drinks, snacks, and good cheer.

Mark the date and come on by. If you never saw our mural on the old door, now you can see it on the new one!

STEFEN painting the GGBA door in 2012 / Photo by Ilana DeBare
The door at our old office