The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee assists the Board of Directors of Golden Gate Bird Alliance in many important ways. The DEI Committee’s biggest goals are to help nurture and inclusive and safe environment for all birders, particularly birders of color. The DEI Committee does this in several ways: by ensuring that the Board and staff are trained in comprehensive DEI practices; by helping to develop goals for the organization to reach in terms of diverse and inclusive membership, leadership, programming, communications; and by helping the organization meet those goals.

The Committee was born out of GGBA’s goal to create an environment where all people and programs will be welcoming, inclusive, and equitable, and that the organization’s staff, Board, and volunteers will increasingly reflect the racial, cultural, and economic diversity of the Bay Area. 

In these goals, GGBA seeks to ensure that its programs, events, and communications are equitably accessible and welcoming to traditionally underrepresented and marginalized groups. Additionally, GGBA hopes that through these important measures, that eventually membership and leadership will become reflective of the demographics of the Bay Area communities that we serve.

The DEI Committee seeks to make GGBA a more inclusive space, specifically for people of color, queer people, and traditionally underserved and underrepresented communities.