2024 Birdathon Begins

Our largest fundraiser is back for another year, bringing you more ways to support our work to spread awareness and protect birds in the Bay Area!

Registration for all Birdathon Trips Opens 2/28 at 1pm

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  • Wild Stories from the History of Bird Migration Research

    Presented by Rebecca Heisman

    Date: April 18, 2024

    Time and Location: Thursday, April 18 @ 7pm via Zoom

    We’ve all heard amazing facts about bird migration—the long distances that birds travel, theways that they navigate, etc. But did you ever wonder how we figured all of this out? Whileworking for the American Ornithological Society, Rebecca Heisman became fascinated with thevaried and creative techniques that scientists have used to study bird migration, and thiseventually…


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Reserve Tesla Park

In 2021, Golden Gate Bird Alliance and its allies successfully advocated to save the Alameda-Tesla property (Tesla Park) from off-road vehicle use. Now we need your help to convince the California State Parks Department to classify Tesla Park as a Reserve. Classifying the 3,100 acre site as a Reserve will ensure the parks department prioritizes…
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Field Trips

GGAS field trip to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park / Photo by Ilana DeBare

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Join one of the 150+ free bird walks we offer each year! Learn about Bay Area birds and explore the shorelines, meadows, and woods they need to survive. Beginners welcome: See our calendar of upcoming Field Trips. Or join an expert-led birding trip to other regions and continents through our Travel with GGBA program.


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