Reserve Tesla Park

In 2021, Golden Gate Bird Alliance and its allies successfully advocated to save the Alameda-Tesla property (Tesla Park) from off-road vehicle use. Now we need your help to convince the California State Parks Department to classify Tesla Park as a Reserve.

Classifying the 3,100 acre site as a Reserve will ensure the parks department prioritizes protecting wildlife, habitat, and cultural and spiritual indigenous resources, while still allowing lower impact activities like; hiking, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and educational tours.

Tesla Park is home to 35 rare plant species, 7 sensitive vegetation communities and 50 special status wildlife species including the Golden Eagle, making it an important ecological site worth protecting.

Let’s make Tesla Park the first State Park Reserve in the region!

1. Email California State Parks

Contact California State Parks Department to let them know you want Tesla Park to be classified as a Reserve. Click the button to get an email template with messaging to help you start or see the sample text below!

2. Take Alameda-Tesla Plan Survey

Taking this survey will help determine what activities are allowed in Tesla Park and what classification it should receive. Read this survey guidance document to ensure your answers lead to a “Reserve” result!