Lights Out For Birds

From dusk until dawn, for the duration of the bird migration, building owners, managers and tenants in San Francisco are being asked to turn off unnecessary lights or close drapes, draw blinds or pull shades to help reduce the incidences of collisions that kill approximately 1 billion birds in North America each year. Spring migration is February 15th through May 31st, and the fall migration is August 15th through October 31st. To learn more visit https://goldengatebirdalliance.org/ Lights Out…

Help Wildlife, Dogs and People in the GGNRA

Please help improve the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s Dog Management Plan!

The Park Service will be taking comments from the public about the plan and want to hear from people like you to help prioritize management of the GGNRA and accommodate the needs of all park users.  The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Dog Management Plan is available at http://www.nps.gov/goga/parkmgmt/dog-management.htm.  At over 2000 pages, it can be a bit intimidating.  But the Executive Summary is much more accessible and worthy of review.

Golden Gate Bird Alliance has long been involved in trying to find the right balance for protecting the natural values of the GGNRA and meeting the demands of all park users.  We have continued to be concerned about the impacts of dogs, especially off-leash dogs, on the wildlife, habitats, and other visitors in the parks.  Over the years, we’ve documented that approximately 2/3 of dog walkers in the Crissy Field Wildlife Protection Area (WPA) ignore the leash requirements and let their dogs roam off-leash even while the threatened Snowy Plover is present.  The rates of non-compliance are even higher on Ocean Beach and at Ft. Funston.

We know that many dog owners enjoy walking and playing with their dogs within the GGNRA. But we also know that the National Parks exist to maintain the natural and cultural values for all people forever.  Too often, we have seen dog-related recreation push out other park users and result in significant harm to the local environment.  While we do not agree with everything in the proposed Dog Management Plan, we believe it is a good step in the right direction of balancing competing demands on the GGNRA while protecting park resources.

We encourage all of our members and supporters to  submit comments.  The deadline for submitting comments has been extended to May 29. We urge you to share your own experiences in the GGNRA, including your favorite spots and how dog-related recreation has affected your use and enjoyment of the park.  Even if you disagree with Golden Gate Bird Alliance on this issue, we encourage you to participate and provide your perspective.

Golden Gate Bird Alliance will submit formal written comments soon.  Currently, we are focused on five main points:

  • All off-leash dog areas should be fenced for the protection of other park visitors and dogs.  Park visitors should be given a choice about whether they will interact with off-leash dogs.

Be a Host at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Every year, thousands of visitors come to Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Martin Griffin Preserve (formerly Bolinas Canyon Preserve) in western Marin County, which has one of the most studied Great Blue Heron and Great Egret nesting sites on the West Coast. Golden Gate Bird Alliance, which helped establish the ACR, is responsible for providing hosts during the public season. These volunteers greet and direct visitors and answer questions about the heronry. All information that hosts need is provided in advance. Golden Gate Bird Alliance is seeking hosts for the following dates: March 19 and 20; April 16 and 17; May 7, 8 (Mother’s Day), 28, and 29; June 11 and 12; and July 4. If you are interested or want more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator Noreen Weeden, 510.843.9374, volunteer@goldengatebirdalliance.org.…

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