In the early 1800s, waterfowl on San Francisco Bay were so abundant that the skies darkened when they took flight. Today, the bay has lost more than 85 percent of its historic tidal wetlands, the base of all aquatic life.

Urban and suburban growth has similarly reduced upland wildlife habitat, particularly streamside (riparian) and grassland habitats. Grassland bird species, such as the White-tailed Kite and Western Meadowlark, and riparian species, such as the Yellow Warbler and Willow Flycatcher, need our help.

While Bay Area skies no longer darken with countless numbers of birds, more than 500,000 waterfowl and 1 million shorebirds still visit the Bay Area every year on their long migratory journeys. Golden Gate Bird Alliance works to sustain our rich wildlife heritage by protecting remaining wetlands, restoring degraded shorelines, and conserving our most critical wild places.

Our Goals

  • Protect and restore critical wetlands around the central San Francisco Bay
  • Protect threatened upland areas that provide important habitat to birds and other wildlife
  • Protect and restore key riparian areas for birds and other wildlife
  • Ensure proper management of wildlife habitat areas
  • Minimize human impacts in critical coastal environments