Net Negative Emissions in California by 2030: Can We Do It?

The latest climate science supports what millions of people and animals are experiencing daily: the impacts of climate change are hitting harder and faster than expected, posing grave threats to human health and planetary health. We are already pushing against multiple global tipping points that could unleash abrupt and irreversible damage to people and wildlife alike. Children, the elderly, and people living in low-income communities are disproportionately affected.

Our only hope for a vibrant, healthy, and equitable future for all is to enact bold climate policies now, not decades from now. The solutions exist in every sector- from energy and transportation to natural and working lands management. Yet we still lack the political will. Ms. Cohen will highlight recent climate science findings followed by an overview of The Climate Center’s Climate-Safe California initiative and recent successes. She will inspire citizen action to ensure that California, the world’s 5th largest economy, steps up its climate leadership by enacting the bold policies required by science soon. She will conclude with a hopeful view of our future to protect the planet for future generations.

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About Ellie: Ellie Cohen, CEO of The Climate Center, is a leader in catalyzing cross-boundary, collaborative and just solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. She has received numerous honors including the Beyond Duke Alumni Award for Service and Leadership (2019), the National Park Service Pacific West Region Partnership Award (2018) and the Bay Nature Environmental Hero Award (2012). She was named one of “100 Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet” in the US by the National Women’s History Project (2009) and she was selected to participate in the Climate Reality Project’s second training with former Vice President Al Gore (2007). To learn more about her, please click here.