The Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Project restores and enhances nearly 200 acres of habitat, including four miles of creeks and channels. The project serves as a model for similar tidal baylands restoration efforts elsewhere around the Bay. Like most wetlands in California, this area has been heavily damaged over the years. It also is extremely valuable for wildlife and managing water.

This is a unique opportunity to visit a major restoration site immediately after completion of earthwork. New native plantings will be taking root and we will view the freshly cut channels where the creek was reconnected to Suisun Bay tidal influence after being disconnected since the ’60s. The marsh to upland habitat gradient will increase ecological resiliency in the face of sea level rise. Future public trail access is planned as part of the restoration, so we can look forward to adding this as a birding destination.

The site is at Pacheco Marsh, where Walnut Creek flows into Suisun Bay. We’ll likely see White-tailed Kite, Northern Harrier, marsh songbirds such as Common Yellowthroat, and we’ll look and listen for rails. Special status subspecies, including Suisun Song Sparrow, also inhabit the site. Note that as this is a new restoration, the bird population will be smaller than it will be when the plantings have grown up, but this is an opportunity to see an exciting restoration site at its very beginning. 

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We may walk up to a mile on a flat gravel road. The Flood Control District’s carpool van will travel down the road with us so you can ride or walk as preferred. The restoration contractors have porta-potties on site which may be available to participants. Otherwise, the only nearby restroom is the vault toilet at Waterbird Preserve, about 1.5 miles away. Please bring water.

This trip will require carpooling. Participants will need to have a complete course of vaccination and booster shots and should bring a mask.  

Registration will close at 11pm on April 10, 2022.

Registrants: If you have any questions email or call Ryan at (510) 227-6190.