A Rainforest at our Feet: Local wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area

In this talk, acclaimed plant ecologist John Zentner will discuss how wetland health impacts the health of birds and wildlife. John will guide participants through understanding different types of local wetlands, from marshes, vernal pools, riparian wetlands, and more. He will then outline methods of wetland conservation and how these projects are crucial to maintaining holistic and healthy ecosystems that sustain all life.

View a recording of this talk from February 2021 at https://youtu.be/TyS30hWztxk

About Our Speaker:

John is a plant ecologist specializing in landscape restoration. He has an undergraduate degree from UCSB, and graduate degrees/certifications from U of O and the University of Oslo. John has been the wetland specialist for the California Coastal Commission, the program manager for the Coastal Conservancy’s enhancement program, the chair of the SF Bay Habitat Joint Venture’s Implementation Committee, and is currently the chair of the Arundo Removal and Restoration Team (ARRT) at the Walnut Creek Watershed Council. Over the past thirty years, he has restored vernal pool complexes, riparian systems, perennial and seasonal marshes and native grasslands. Presently, John is focused on working with community groups of local restoration projects, especially small creeks, and researching landscape restoration, especially the undiscovered historic links.