The Importance of Islands to Avian Evolution

Islands play a key role in both the evolution of new avian species and the extinction of others. Because islands are isolated land masses, species which arrive on islands evolve separately from their parent group and through genetic drift eventually become unique. At the same time, because island species are restricted to small areas and have small populations, they are also susceptible to chance events like hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and rising sea levels – and human-caused pressures. This talk focuses on issues unique to islands and how we might protect island species.

About Our Speaker

Bob has taught birding classes in the Bay Area for over 25 years, and loves to travel, especially to islands in search of birds. He is a board member of the Farallon Islands Foundation, created to foster life on islands. He has been to many of the larger islands populated with unique species, including Madagascar, Borneo, Hawaii, Indonesia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and Cuba.

Date Thursday, March 21 @ 7pm

Location: Zoom

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