For 40 years, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) scientists have conducted bird banding research on passerines at the Coyote Creek Field Station (CCFS) in Milpitas, CA. Bird banding provides valuable information that helps scientists and conservationists study bird dispersal, migration, behavior, social structure, life span, survival rate, reproductive success, and population growth. It also allows scientists to understand seasonal and long-term population patterns of migratory, wintering, and year-round resident birds; and track individual birds, which is important in factoring survival, migratory turnover rates, and longevity. Additionally, it allows SFBBO scientists to examine bird responses to the riparian restoration at CCFS.

This is a unique opportunity to join Golden Gate Bird Alliance Executive Director, Glenn Phillips, for a behind-the-scenes look at conservation science in action. Because the field station is not easily accessible, we will meet nearby in Milpitas and carpool to the field station. During our visit, you’ll tour a riparian restoration area, watch mist nets being used to catch birds, and with a little luck, get an up-close and personal look at a wild bird after it is banded.

See for more about the Field Station and the exciting conservation research conducted there.

Expect to walk about 3/4 mile, including some level gravel and some moderately uneven ground with vegetation. There are porta-potties at the research station, but no running water. Participants will be expected to provide proof of vaccination, and we may require masks to be worn.