Bird populations are indicators of the health of our ecosystems. When bird species face extinction, the message is clear: our ecosystems are suffering. Recent studies have indicated that as many as 21 percent of bird species worldwide and 25 percent of bird species in the U.S. are on the road to extinction.

The Bay Area has its share of endangered species, including the Ridgway’s Rail, and California Least Tern. Other species are not yet listed as endangered or threatened but are suffering significant population declines. Greater and Lesser Scaup, species of diving ducks, have suffered 80 percent population declines over the last decade. Some birds that are naturally rare or sensitive face unacceptable loss of habitat or even direct mortality due to human-related impacts.

Golden Gate Bird Alliance monitors key Bay Area bird populations and works to protect many birds at risk in order to ensure that these native birds will be healthy for generations to come.

Our Goals

  • Increase public awareness of key birds at risk in the Bay Area.
  • Protect birds at risk by conserving and restoring their habitats.
  • Reduce human impacts on Bay Area birds and their habitats.