Help Make the GGNRA Safe and Accommodating for People, Wildlife, and Dogs

The National Park Service has issued its draft Dog Management Plan for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to accommodate dogs in the park and strike a balance of dog owners’ interests with those of other park users and the natural ecology of the park.  The plan allows for extensive off-leash and on-leash recreation in San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties.  No other National Park allows off-leash dog recreation or even on-leash activities to the extent proposed by the National Park in its plan.

The hope is to create a place where dogs, dog owners, other park users and native plants and wildlife can coexist.  The status quo is unsustainable. Though the proposed plan isn’t perfect, we’re generally supportive of the GGNRA’s effort to better regulate this activity.

We encourage everyone to provide comments to the National Park Service before May 29, 2011

Click here to view Golden Gate Bird Alliance’s position on this issue, as well as our guidelines and a sample letter for submitting your comments.