We’re looking forward to our 2015 Oakland and San Francisco Christmas Bird Counts! The Oakland count will take place on Sunday December 20, while the San Francisco count will be on Tuesday December 29.

Registration for both counts is now closed. If you signed up for the count, you will be contacted by your team leader during the week before your count.

Media: You’re invited to cover the Oakland or SF count! Contact Communications Director Ilana DeBare at idebare@goldengatebirdalliance.org or (510) 301-5573.

The CBC is a fun event for both beginning and experienced birders. This is the 116th year of this nationwide Audubon tradition. Enjoy a fun day of birding, while contributing to our understanding of bird populations through the largest and oldest citizen science project in the world. Then come share results at the festive compilation dinner after each count!

For information and registration for each count, see https://goldengatebirdalliance.org/birding-resources/christmas-bird-counts/.

NOTE: This year the Oakland count is looking to expand the number of people participating as feeder watchers. Do you have friends in the East Bay with backyard bird feeders? Click here for a flyer you can print and share with them about the count.

Counting on Bay Farm Island. Photo by Nancy Johnston.
Counting on Bay Farm Island in 2014. Photo by Nancy Johnston.
Tallying totals at the 2014 Oakland count dinner / Photo by Ilana DeBare
Tallying totals at the 2014 Oakland count dinner / Photo by Ilana DeBare