Annual Members Meeting + California Hummingbirds

Annual Members Meeting + California Hummingbirds

Thursday, August 18 —  6 p.m. via Zoom and in-person at David Brower Center (Goldman Theater)

Join us for our Annual Members Meeting where we’ll discuss the current state of Golden Gate Bird Alliance Programs, announce the winners of the Elsie Roemer and Paul Covel Awards and the slate of 2022 officers and directors of our board. Can’t attend in person at the David Brower Center? Feel free to join in via Zoom at 6pm to attend both the members meeting and the special speaker series afterward on California Hummingbirds.

Although the focus of this talk is California hummingbirds, we’ll also stop in Arizona and Central and South America as we discuss the origin and taxonomy of these flying jewels, their nesting and migration behaviors, and some of the features that make hummingbirds so unique.

About Our Presenter:

Bob Lewis has hunted hummers with a camera since 2008, when he took a class in hummingbird photography from photographer Arthur Morris in Panama. Fascinated by these tiny creatures, he’s since photographed them throughout North, South and Central America.

Recording (Bob Lewis Talk on Hummingbirds starts at 52:29)