Offshore Wind and Seabirds in California

When: Thursday July 20 7pm
Where: Zoom

Description: Offshore wind is an important part of the solution to meet California’s clean renewable energy goals, reduce our carbon pollution, and mitigate the worst outcomes of climate change. But offshore wind energy infrastructure may have negative
impacts on the marine environment, including seabird collision. Seabirds already face many challenges and we have the opportunity to plan ahead for California’s first two offshore wind projects to prevent collisions and protect our incredible diversity of seabirds. We’ll look at which seabirds are most vulnerable to collisions, what the risk of collision is based on offshore wind
farms around the world, and how we can prevent the worst impacts.

About Our Speaker

Whitney Grover, Golden Gate Bird Alliance’s Deputy Director, recently earned an M.S. inEnvironmental Management from USF with a concentration in Ecology. Her final Master’s Project, Offshore Wind Energy and Seabird Collision Vulnerability in California, reviewed and synthesized the current scientific literature, applying lessons learned from U.K. projects to California.

Photo: Keith Maley