Prey-go-neesh Nes-kwe-chohl: California Condors Return to Yurok Country

When: Thursday, November 16 @ 7pm

Where: Zoom

Description: Tiana Williams-Claussen, Director of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department, will join us and provide an update on the newly released population of California condor in Yurok country in far northern California, after conclusion of the first year of initial releases. She will also discuss biology of the birds, their cultural importance to the Yurok people, and next steps for condor reintroduction in the Pacific Northwest.

About Our Speaker

Tiana Williams-Claussen is a Yurok Tribal member and Director of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard University, after which she returned to serve her tribe. Instrumental to the establishment of the Wildlife Department in 2008, with California condor recovery as its flagship project, her native upbringing and formal education allow her to bridge the gap between traditional understandings of the world, and those rooted in Western-science, supporting her in her work toward a cohesive, well-informed approach to holistic ecosystem management.

Zoom Recording: